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Bahamian Culture

Bahamian culture evolved for many generations, beginning with African traditions, then British and American influences, all melding into the unique and colourful style of the Bahamas. In language, literature, food, folklore, music, customs, celebrations and more, the Bahamas is distinctive and recognizable.

The Bahamas is an island nation of almost 400,000 in population and some 700 islands from tiny uninhabited atolls, rocks and cays to the largest islands like Grand Bahama and Andros. Expatriates and immigrants from Haiti, West Indies, Central and South America, Greece, China and Syria have diversified the potpourri of Bahamian life.

Its culture has been forged by many influences as well as a long history of plantations, slave revolts, colonial governance, insular existence, the sea, hurricanes, and many other elements. The islands remained a British colony until the nation's independence in 1973.

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